Be sure to read descriptions for skate sizing. Sure-Grip skates are in men's sizes, women size down one size.

Sure-Grip Grind Blocks

Sale price $15.00 Regular price $60.00

Sure Grip Grind Blocks are specially designed to fit the Avenger and Avanti plates for those skaters looking to enter the skate park scene! These are made from a material called UHMW which creates durable blocks that are designed to help you achieve a similar feel to the traditional aggressive skate soul plate without having to hang up your quads. These will allow you to grind smoothly without putting extra wear on your baseplates!

  • Compatible with Sure-Grip Avenger and Avanti Plates
    • Sizing is based on plate size, not skate size
  • Includes installation hardware
    • Installation requires plate removal
    • Mounting bolts and nuts recommended to re-attach plates